In my work, I shall be writing a series of stand-alone accounts of Unshaken’s various exploits based on material gathered over many years. A key aim is to bring her story to life with contemporary, as well as old, photographs and illustrations. Together, the accounts will make-up an anthology:

HMS/m Unshaken (P54): An Illustrated History of a Submarine at War.

Operation Snapdragon

The first paper in the series tells the story of Operation Snapdragon, a little known sequence of special operations to gather intelligence about the heavily fortified Italian island of Pantelleria in 1943.

Unshaken Commander

The next paper in the series, Unshaken Commander, will look at the life of Lieutenant Charles Ernest Oxborrow, DSC, RN, and the events surrounding his tragic death when lost overboard from Unshaken in November 1942.